Historical information

This black and white photograph is taken in the Education Department at the Western General Hospital where the Student nurses are doing their nursing training. Trained nurse (Sister) Nan Deakin, RDNS Nurse Educator, is checking information written by one of the Student nurses following a lecture she gave the students on Community Nursing. Following their time in the Education Department, the Student nurses will go to an RDNS Centre to receive education in the field from an RDNS Sister working in the community.


During their training, Student nurses from several hospitals either attended the Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS), Education Department, or, a RDNS Nurse Educator travelled to the appropriate hospital’s Education Department to educate the Trainees on District nursing through the RDNS Community Nursing Program. Following the lectures Students went to a RDNS Centre and each student accompanied a Trained nurse (Sister) for a week observing and gaining knowledge on all facets of nursing care in the home. This gave them an insight into the home conditions and situations patients faced after discharge from hospital. During 1971 there were 584 student nurses who received field experience with RDNS.

Physical description

This black and white photograph shows a group of eight female Hospital Student nurses, some partly hidden, and one male Student nurse, sitting randomly in a group about the room; each at a small metal framed, white wooden top table. The tables have books, printed sheets and white sheets of paper on them. The female Student nurses are wearing white nursing caps and checked uniforms with white collars and cuffs. They have a variety of hair styles, some with long hair drawn back. Standing to the right, in the centre of the group, is Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS), Nurse Educator, Sister Nan Deakin, who has short dark hair and is wearing glasses. She is wearing her RDNS uniform of a light grey skivvie under a dark V neck tunic style dress with the RDNS logo on its upper left. She is looking down at a sheet of paper held by one of the Student nurses, who has short wavy dark hair. The nurse is holding the sheet of paper with both hands and is looking at it. The rear group of four students appear to be in discussion. The others are looking at sheets of paper on their tables. The male Student nurse, in the left foreground, has short dark hair and is wearing a white uniform. Closed dark concertina doors are in the background.

Inscriptions & markings

Barry Sutton MA 79