Historical information

This item was worn by Sarah Archer, born 9.11.1881, and her daughter Irene Jean Maiden, born 1.7.1923, She lived in Orbost all her life having been born at the oOld Orbost Hospital in Nicholson Street. Irene died aged 86.


Until well into the 20th century, the corset was an essential element of fashionable dress. Corsets were worn by women (and much earlier by men) to enhance their figures and to hold their stockings in place. Although still sometimes used they were mainly used prior to the making of pantyhose approximately 1960.

Physical description

A corset made of heavy apricot / pink cotton fabric . It has back tape acing through metal eyelets, and slide hooks. It has suspender straps with clips attached to the bottom of the corset. The stays, possibly whalebone, are sewn vertically into the fabric.

Inscriptions & markings

on label - in red ink - "Liberty Reg'd "6/2815 D" small below waist size 32" exact