Historical information

These photographs were probably taken in the late 1940s - mid 1950s. 3275.1 was taken at the roundabout in Nicholson Street / Salisbury Street intersection looking south. On the right is the The Commonwealth Hotel and the Gippsland Northern Store can be seen on the right. The war memorial can be seen in the centre of the intersection.
3275.2 has been taken from a height (possibly from behind the hardware store) overlooking Orbost House in McLeod Street. The butter factory can be seen in the background. Back yard toilets and paling fences can be seen with a narrow lane for the sanitary truck.
Mrs Ruth Hannah Macalister, 1861-1932, established “Orbost House” as a boarding house in about 1900. Following her demise “Orbost House” was taken over by her son, “Reg” and his wife and they continued the Macalister family‟s association until the accommodation house was purchased by “Slim” and Eileen Somerville and Lindsay and Joan Jensen, in partnership, in 1963. (info. from Marilyn Morgan)


These photographs are detailed pictorial records of Orbost in the mid 20th century. They show the objects in their spatial context with detail.

Physical description

Two coloured photographs. 3275.1 is a streetscape with a large hotel on the right, a main shopping area in the background and a wooden fence on the left. 3275,2 is overlooking backyards and fences. In the middle is an extensive red roof with "ORBOST HOUSE" in white print.

Inscriptions & markings

on back - 1948-1954