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black and white photographs

From the Collection of Orbost & District Historical Society Ruskin Street Orbost Victoria

Four black / white aerial photographs. there are spare copies of each. 3276.1 is an aerial photograph of the Orbost Show with Lochiel Park in the foreground. 3276.2 is an aerial photograph taken over a township. 3276.3 shows the Orbost High School on the left. 3276,4 shows the high school in the foreground.
H-110mm W-154mm
Object Registration
photographs-aerial-orbost-1961 orbost-1961 lochiel-park
When Made
March 10 1961
These photographs are pictorial record of Orbost in 1961.They enable us o observe the objects in their spatial context and in detail. They are useful for reference.
Inscriptions & Markings
on the back of each is "March 10th 1961 Aerial of Orbost"
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