Historical information

3281.1 is a photograph of Terry Martin. "Terry Martin travelled to Melbourne to Melbourne to display his extensive collection of axes and to demonstrate the art of broadaxe cutting. The axe Terry is holding is over 200 years old and is believed to have been used by ship builders in their trade. Terry makes his own axe handles from district timber." (Snowy River Mail 23 September 1987)
3281.2 is of Erasmo Giove. who came to Australia with his wife, Mina. They eventually settled in Orbost where Erasmo worked as a sleeper cutter withn his wife working alongside him. The Gioves lived with their four children, Tina, Rocco, Benodino and Graziela, in Forest Road, Orbost,


These photographs are associated with the timber and sleeper-cutting industry in the Orbost Region. Timber sleepers were superceded by concrete sleepers in c. 1970s. Orbost has historically been based on the timber industry, but that industry has declined considerably over the last 20 years..The number of locals involved in the timber industry has declined and many of the mills have closed. This item reflects a time when that industry was a significant contributor to the economy of the district.

Physical description

3281.1 is of a man standing holding a long handled axe. 3281.2 is of a man holding a cross cut saw and holding in the other hand a framed photograph of a swing saw.