Historical information

On 22 December 1890, the military commanders of the then separate Australian Colonies prior to the Federation of Australia met to discuss the introduction of the khaki uniform throughout Australia. They agreed that all Australian Forces with the exception of the Artillery would wear the slouch hat. It was to be looped up on one side—Victoria and Tasmania on the right and the other colonies (later states) on the left. This was done so that rifles could be held at the slope without damaging the brim. After Federation, the slouch hat became standard Australian Army headgear in 1903


Today it is worn by military personnel from a number of countries, although it is primarily associated with Australia, where it is considered to be a national symbol.

Physical description

Slouch Hat - this broad brim hat is made of fur felt with an 8 fold hat band (puggaree) around the outside of the crown and attached to the inside of the crown is a brown leather chin strap. The left side of brim is held up by a gold colour metal rising sun badge.