Historical information

Murray MEAD

Physical description

Artist's Statement: Impression attracts me due to its potential for presenting how one person ses one particular part of the world at one particular time in exquisite stylizaton and character. My works explore the nature of the 'individual' and how we perceive others and are in turn, seen ourselves in a given instant in time. I circumvent the tendency of individuals to adopt masks ab when confronted by cameras. I wnt to capture a fleeting moment in paint when that facde is momentarily breahed. I like the fact tht painting is a laborius medium that allows me to utterly stylize the image. In an otherwide realistic caricature I focus on capturing and coveying the subject's unrehearsed and elicited expression and emotion. My works are of individualistic responses from those who view them. From one person's explosive snort of amusement to another's quiet contemplation of how they too are seen by strangers and close friends - all are equally valid connections.