Historical information

This photograph was published in "The News" on Friday, January 11 1974. Those in the photograph are : L -R Stan Reed, Ted Smith, Alf Barling and Major General Sir Rohan Delacombe (Governor of Victoria). They are having morning tea with the State Governor when he visited Orbost.The accompanying article was titled "TEA WITH THE GOVERNOR". Councillor S. J. Reed was the Orbost Shire President, E.A.Smith was a Shire Councillor and Mr A. Barling was the Orbost Municipal Band Leader.
The first Orbost Brass Band was formed in 1889. Around 1908 the town band split and the Orbost Workers' Band was formed. Eventually the two bands merged in 1913 to reform as the Orbost Municipal Band under conductorship of Charles Spink. The band continued for many years but was later disbanded and again reformed. This was to happen a number of times, the last time being in 1961 and continuing through to the late 1970's.
Further info and Ref: In Times Gone By - Deborah Hall


This photograph is associated with the Orbost Municipal Band. The various Orbost bands over the years played a major role in community activities providing entertainment and musical experiences for the many members.
Major General Sir Rohan Delacombe was the last British Governor of Victoria, Australia from 1963 to 1974.

Physical description

A black / white photograph of four men standing facing the camera. They are dressed in suits and wearing ties. One man is dressed in a band uniform. Three are holding cups and saucers.