Historical information

Joseph Starkie was the Chairman of the Sunbury Waterworks Trust from 1905 to 1913. During that time he was instrumental in getting a permanent water supply installed for the town of Sunbury. After his death in April 1913, the townspeople erected a memorial which stood at the intersection of Brook and Stawell Street. It was unveiled on 26 January 1915 by Terence O'Brien. The original memorial included a drinking fountain and horse trough. As traffic increased within the town, the centre section of the fountain, without the horse trough, was resited in a reserve opposite the Memorial Hall. The photograph shows the monument on its original site.


The installation of a reliable and permanent water supply for Sunbury was an important achievement for the town in the early years of the twentieth century.

Physical description

A sepia photograph in post card format of a water fountain and trough in a street in front of an avenue of trees.

Inscriptions & markings