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9 small black and white Photographs

From the Collection of Kiewa Valley Historical Society Mount Beauty Information Centre 31 Bogong High Plains Rd Mt Beauty Victoria

Nine small black and white photographs
2 photos 90mm x 65mm, 7 photos 85mm x 60mm.
Object Registration
KVHS 1157
mt. beauty, bogong, acccommodation, education, rocky valley
Historical information
These photos were taken in 1950 by Bill Peel who was appointed as a secondary teacher at the newly built Mt. Beauty School in January 1950. He was the entire secondary staff for an enrolment of 4 students in Form 3 (year 9), 9 in Form 2 and 25 in Form 1. There were also 4 primary teachers as the school combined both primary and secondary education. He was provided with accommodation at the staff hostel (Mt. Beauty Chalet). A autobiography is also enclosed describing his 12 months as a teacher in Mt. Beauty.
When Made
These photographs give a clear picture of the stage of construction of housing in both Bogong Village and Mt. Beauty in 1950. Large workmen's camps are clearly visible at both sites. Construction at Rocky Valley Dam site has just begun. They are of historical significance. The autobiography gives an excellent insight into conditions teachers faced in small country schools;
Inscriptions & Markings
3 photos stamped with "1 856", 4 photos stamped with "210, 2 photos are identified with hand written inscriptions, in ink, on the back - "Railway Bridge Bright '50" and second photo "Lake Catani '50" also 'Kodak' circular stamp on back of both.
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