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Tools, Hammer,Ball & Peen , metal c1900

From the Collection of City of Moorabbin Historical Society (Operating the Box Cottage Museum) Joyce Park Jasper Road Ormond Victoria

A hard faced ball & peen hammer, also known as a machinist's hammer,[ is a type of peening hammer used in metalworking. It has two heads, one flat and the other, called the peen, rounded.
L35cm x diam3.5cm; Head13cm x diam 4cm x 2cm
Object Registration
early settlers, market gardeners, blacksmiths, tools, building equipment, hammers, moorabbin shire, bentleigh, mckinnon, highett, cheltenham,mcewan james pty ltd, melbourne, bunnings pty ltd,
Historical information
Among the early settlers in Moorabbin Shire were blacksmiths who made tools for the other settlers who were establishing the homes, market gardens, farms, orchards and various businesses. Early settlers were self reliant and repaired their own equipment for kitchen,dairy, farm, horses, carts using various tools .

Besides for peening (surface hardening by impact), the ball-peen hammer is useful for many tasks, such as striking punches and chisels - usually performed with the flat face of the hammer. The peening face is useful for rounding off edges of metal pins and fasteners, such as rivets. The ball face of the hammer can also be used to make gaskets for mating surfaces. A suitable gasket material is held over the surface where a corresponding gasket is desired, and the operator will lightly tap around the edges of the mating surface to perforate the gasket material
When Made
This hammer is typical of the type used by early settlers in Moorabbin Shire c1900
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