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Tools, Spanner Auto x4 'Vana Dium'

From the Collection of City of Moorabbin Historical Society (Operating the Box Cottage Museum) Joyce Park Jasper Road Ormond Victoria

Set of 4 graduated automobile steel spanners made by Vana Dium Ltd USA c 1950
L19cm x3/4; L 16cm x5/8; L11cm x 7/16; 10cmx5/16
Object Registration
spanners, automobiles, car mechanics, vana dium ltd usa, vanadium, uranium, early settlers, market gardeners, blacksmiths, tools, building equipment, hammers, moorabbin shire, bentleigh, mckinnon, highett, cheltenham,mcewan james pty ltd, melbourne, bunnings pty ltd,
Historical information
4x steel Automobile Spanners ' Vana Dium' used by a resident of the City of Moorabbin c1950
Vanadium is a hard, silver-grey metallic element. It is a ductile transition metal with a natural resistance to corrosion and stability against alkalis, acids and salt water. Vanadium is found in over 60 different minerals including vanadinite, carnotite, roscoelite and patronite.
When Made
This Vana Dium Spanner set is typical of the type used by car mechanics in the City of Moorabbin c1950
Inscriptions & Markings
Front Forged VANA DIUM Steel 3/4 Pat.Pend.
Back AUTO-KIT No.100 Made in USA
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7 Aug 2020 at 9:46AM