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Pull through kit for cleaning L1A1 & L2A2 Self Loading Rifle (SLR)

From the Collection of Tramways/East Melbourne RSL Sub Branch - RSL Victoria Listing id: 27511 391 Gore Street Fitzroy Victoria

1 Roll of 4x2 approx. 9 Metres long. to clean and lubricate barrel and firing mechanism, The roll is a soft plyable cotton that can be easily torn off on the red lines to make it the correct size to be pulled through the barrel from the breach to the muzzle first a clean dry 4x2 to clean out the barrel, then a clean piece moistened with O-158 Lube oil to lubricate the barrel and firing mechanism.
1 Bottle O-158, LSA, Lube Oil Semi-Fluid, Mil-L-46000A Am 1,
1 Pull through consisting of a hollow brass 7mm x 163mm weight attached by 1M x 3mm cord, the weight allows the chord to be guided through the barrel with the piece of 4x2 tied onto the other end of the chord for cleaning and lubricating to prevent the barrel rusting.
Object Registration
! pull through kit for cleaning barrel and firing mechanism of l1 a1 & l22 a2 australian vietnam issue single shot and automatic versions.
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1 Bottle O-158, LSA, Lube Oil Semi-Fluid, Mil-L-46000A Am 1, 9150-889-3522, LEHIGH CHEM . NUODEX DIV, TENNECO CHEM INC, DSA600-68-C-0225, PD-722, 4 OUNCES, SHAKE WELL. Marking on bottle base PLAX (each letter in a circle), 5.
The roll of 4x2 is marked in section with red linesd. the segments are called 4x2 for ease of description but actually measure 4x13/4 inches or 45mm x 100mm.
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