Historical information

Dillon Building built 1889. The third building operated as a cafe in the 1960s - 1980s. Heather's Choice Gift Shop sold out in early 1990s. The Old Globe Hotel established 1874, rebuilt c. 1903 and again in 1940 for licensee J. Credlin. Was the Soil Conservation Authority office , then flats and offices.

Physical description

Colour photograph of the café section of the Dillon Building and the Globe Hotel. LH side of the photo is the cafe section of the two storet, red brick Dillon building. Signage in LH café window reads CHARLTON BYO RESTAURANT and on the RH window MEALS, TAKE AWAYS, SNACKS, COFFEE, DRINKS. Sheer curtains in the cafe windows. The signage on the RH building reads SOIL CONSERVATION AUTHORITY. There are two men in a cherry picker in front of the Soil Conservation building trimming the tree. There are three witches hats on the road and a man in an orange hi-vis vest watching, A woman is walking past on the footpath.