Historical information

The Charlton Gentlemen's Club was established in 1900 by solicitor Ben Green. The original building had a narrow entrance off High St, between Egan & Spains Grocery Shop and the Central Café. After fire damaged the buildings in the 1970s, the club was extended to its present size. The vacant block next door was formerly Clark's butcher's shop. Part of a series of streetscapes taken for the Charlton Shire in 1987.

Physical description

Colour photograph of a single storey, glass fronted building with a white-framed front door. There is a large light pole and a white panel van and a white car are in front of the building. There is a blue awning over a yellow seat to the right of the building. Next to the seat is yellow metal fencing. On the far right of the photo is the side of an old brick building.