Historical information

Arundell's Shoe Shop and Dalgety's Agency , centre of High St Charlton, north side c. 1987. Corner of High St and Williams Ave (now John Curtin Drive). Right hand building built by William Williams as a saddlery c. 1910. Arundell's Shoe Shop formerly ANA Boot and Shoe Shop established by John Arundell in 1901. The shop was sold by Vic Arundell in 1980 and closed. Next door was John Watson's Stock & Station Agents which later became Dalgety's. The end shop was the saddlery and then Bullock's grocery 1930's to 1970's. In 1957 became Charlton's first self service store. Became Australian Estates late 1970s. The shops were later demolished to make way for the Traveller's Rest. Part of a streetscape series taken in 1987 for the Charlton Shire.

Physical description

Colour photograph of three single-storey shops with corrugated tin verandahs. Signage on the buildings reads Arundell's SHOE STORE and ESTATES. Partially obscured by tree in front of the buildings. A red station wagon is parked on the LH side of the picture and a boy on a bicycle on the RH side.