Historical information

Newsagency established c. 1912 by Dudley & Morse. Sold to F Jones in early 1940's. Royal Cafe built for Travaglia's c. 1912

Physical description

Colour photograph showing a row of shops. Cars are parked in front of the shops and there are three trees. An orange school crossing sign is next to dark blue car. Person in pale blue on LH side of photo. There are a variety of signs displayed along the front of the shop verandahs. From left to right; The Sun, THE AGE, Bendigo Advertiser , FUN PARLOR, (both partially obscured by a tree), FRUIT & VEGETABLES, 7 DAYS WEEKLY, FISH & CHIPS, CHICKENS B.B.Q. Building at the end of the shops is a Butchery and has a large sign for FEEDLOT STEAKS on the side wall.