Historical information

Upon confirmation that a new bridge was to be built, there was some discussion about the possibility of retaining the old bridge for pedestrian purposes, or part of the old bridge as a fishing platform. These letters are part of the correspondence re an organisation taking responsibility for the ongoing maintenance so the old bridge could be retained.


The old bridge was constructed of locally sourced timber and was such an important structure to the town when built. Its sentimental value saw locals attempt (although unsuccessfully) to retain the old bridge.

Physical description

Two A4 Typewritten letters, one from the Road Construction Authority to the National Trust Australia, the other from the Department of Conservation Forests & Lands to Mr John Irvine. And one hand written letter.

Inscriptions & markings

RCA letter is stamped "Received 22 Aug 1985", Dept of Conservation Forests & Lands has a pencilled phone no inscribed.