Historical information

Florence Ada Zull, known as Ada was an illustrator for the 'New Idea for Women" magazine. In 1961 she lived in Brunswick. From 1963 she and her husband Robert built a Alistair Knox designed house at Lot 8. Metery Road, Eltham

"... Mum .. worked too during the week.. from the bungalow in Brunswick. The New Idea, a woman's magazine would send her the galley for the week's short story and she would illustrate an appropriate picture." - Sue Bennett (nee Zull), Eltham District Historical Society Newsletter, No 250 February 2020.

In this issue Ada Zull has a full page illustration for part one of a story by Georgette Heyer. (page 12 and 13). Ada's son and daughter Susan model jumpers that were knitting competition prize winners at the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria's Royal Show including Mrs L.M. Fullerton. (page 15)

This was the "Special Baby Issue". It includes articles on women in the Armed forces and marriage, Mrs Mary Jane Virtue a pilot, Egg dish recipes and a number of pages relating to baby care. Patterns for making a baby-sac, bonnet, jackets and babycot, advertising, letters, beauty column, patterns and other features.