Historical information

Part of a Shire streetscape series of photos c. 1987

Physical description

Colour photograph of Turner's Butcher Shop on the corner of Learmonth and High Streets. Sign above the verandah reads Turners Butchery and has a picture of a ram's head between the two words. The signage on side of building reads Specialising in FEEDLOT STEAKS, QUALITY Pork & Lamb, Friendly Service. Deliveries. The sign on the side of the bullnose verandah reads TURNERS Butchery Phone 911506. A sandwich board in front of the shop on the edge of the footpath reads Butcher NOW OPEN. A white station wagon is parked in the yard beside the shop. There are two red and white school crossing posts on the rod in front of the shop. A building is under construction in the block across the road and there is orange safety fencing around the front of the block. The mill silos are visible behind the butcher shop.