Historical information

A previous mill had operated in Charlton by Mr. W.E. Foreman on the banks of the Avoca River and was acquired in 1919 by Noske Bros. The present Flour Mill was built by Noske Bros and opened in May 1927. It was taken over by the Grain Elevator Board in the 1970s.

Physical description

Colour photograph of Charlton Flour Mill and silos. Intersection of Kaye & Davies Streets in the foreground. One large silver silo and three taller greyish concrete silos to the left. Three other cream coloured silos behind. There are pipes and sheds on top of the silos. There is a cream single story building to the right of the silver silo and a multi-storey building behind with eight window in the upper level. There is a small red brick building on the far left of the photo.