Historical information

The Charlton Roadhouse was established in the 1960s (TBC)

Physical description

Colour photograph of the Charlton Roadhouse taken from the other side of the highway looking south east. The highway is visible in the lower part of the photo. The roadhouse is a single storey building with large windows at the front. There is a large roof extending over the petrol pumps. There is a large sign on the roof which reads RESTAURANT. A brown coloured car with a white roof, dark bonnet and towing a trailer is facing toward the photographer. A man is getting the driver's side. A lighter coloured car is facing away from the photographer and a man is beside this car. There is a white Toyota utility parked on the right hand side of the roadhouse in front of the ice storage. There is a small sign for ESSO on the roof edge and a freestanding sign for ESSO close to the entrance to the roadhouse. There is a sign on wheels near the road reading NOW OPEN and another that reads L.P. GAS AUTO GAS