Historical information

The garage was established in the 1930s by Mr Gamble. Other proprietors were Perc Kimberley 1943-46, Henderson 1946, Neil Rogers. K. & B. Patton ran the garage from 1960s - 2008

Physical description

Colour photo of K. & B. Patton's Garage. The garage is a white, weatherboard single story building with a corrugated iron roof. There small lean-to on the LH side of the building. There is a large entrance and two large windows on the front. There are two petrol pumps at the front of the building. A blue car and a white utility are parked at the LH side of the garage. The signage on the front of the building reads K. & B. PATTON NISSAN and there is a NISSAN sign painted on the roof. There is a sign for Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes on the roof of the lean-to. A telegraph pole and the entrance to Gordon Park is on the right of the photo.