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Published semi-annually, contains refereed, scholarly articles about social and labour history in Australasia, - labour politics, trade unions, management labour practices, co-operatives, gender and ethnicity.

This edition includes these articles:

-Labourism: a Political Genealogy
-Class, Populism and Labour Politics in Victoria, 1890-1914
-Keynesianism, Socialism and Labourism and the Role of Ideas in Labour Ideology
-A Century of Laborism and the State, 1891-1993: An Historical Interpretation
-We are of Age: Class, Locality and Region at Port Kembla, 1900-1940
-Researching Industrial Relations History: The Development of a Databas on Australian Trade Unions 1825-1900
-Loyalty and Communists: an interview with Bill Gollan
-International Women's Day in Newcastle in the Fifties and Sixties: A Personal Account
-Forthcoming: A Bibliography of Australian Communism
-Postcard from California: the Hoover Institute
-The ACTU Congress of 1993
-Australian Canadian Labour History Conference
-The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History
-The Classing Gaze: Sexuality, Class and Surveillance
-Book reviews
-Newcastle's Special Day; Australians in Spain Memorial Unveiling


Labour and class politics; direct relevance to industrial relations; social issues in general that fall within the purview of the union movement.

Physical description

Book; paper.