Historical information

Published semi-annually, contains refereed, scholarly articles about social and labour history in Australasia, - labour politics, trade unions, management labour practices, co-operatives, gender and ethnicity. This edition includes these articles: -Deskilling Revisited: Continuity and Change in Craft Work and Apprenticeship in Late 19th Century NSW -'Depravity and Disorder': the Sexuality of Convict Women -'That Old Treasure-House of Constructive Suggestion': Australian Labor Ideology and War Organisation of Industry -'Four More Points than Moses': Dr. H.V. Evatt and the Press and the 1944 Referendum -Chifley, the Army and the 1949 Coal Strike


Labour and class politics; direct relevance to industrial relations; social issues in general that fall within the purview of the union movement.

Physical description

Book; paper.