Historical information

Eclectic collection of newspaper clippings from around 1906 to 1908, including original cuttings about the wreck of the Falls of Halladale, obituary of a young family member and other notable locals, and various poems and articles. Mentions C Felstead, Golfer and Australian Open Champion and Obituary of Mr Thomas Shaw of Wooriwyrite. Some articles appear to be from 1882 but may just be reprints.


Local resident's collection of articles which took his interest around 1906 to 1908

Physical description

Scrapbook made using a catalogue for Lancaster Window Blinds - Bordered. Newspaper clippings are pasted over printed patterns of window blinds available in 1905. Compiled by W. H Irvine

Inscriptions & markings

Name J. S. Irvine handwritten on the front and different name inscribed on the first page: W.H Irvine, Bayof Islands, Peterborough