Historical information

Crumps Dairy (Milk Pasteurising Depot) was located at 6 Benson Street, Surrey Hills on the corner of Weybridge Street until c1973. It was demolished after it had been badly vandalised. The business closed after cartons replaced glassperishables including milk, bread, meat and fruit and vegetables bottles for sale of milk. It was one of many small local facilities for processing and delivering milk that existed from the early 1920s.
Eric William Walker Crump (1903-1981) headed the family business. Also involved were Kevin Eric Crump, Eric William Scanlan.
NB/ Also held in this collection is a copy of a project by Chatham Primary School student, Susanne Pascoe, dated 1956 which includes photos of the dairy's operations. An oral history by Dave Croft, a driver for the dairy, who lived close by, is also relevant.
The account also mentions 'Towt'. Canterbury Oliver Towt (1890-1962) was another dairyman whose premises was on the corner of Chatham and Mont Albert Roads.


This is material evidence of business practice c1920s-1960s when accounts for goods received, especially perishables, were often hand-delivered on a weekly basis, with monies owed collected at the door.

Physical description

A paper account printed red on cream (discoloured) paper with the details of the date, account holder and address typed in and the amount owed hand-written in blue ink. The attached receipt has been stuck onto the account and filled out in grey pencil and blue ink. The amounts are in pounds, shillings and pence.

Inscriptions & markings

Typed: 2/1; 18 SEPT. 1958