Historical information

In 2012 was owned by John Rayner who purchased site from The University of Melbourne in c2006.

Physical description

(1) Tracing paper Sketch. Scale 1:500 dated 26.7.96 drawn by JK. (2) Tracing paper and paper copies, "Proposed Location of Toilet Facility and Septic System." Scale 1:500. (3) Tracing paper copy,"Revegetation Program Works 1993/94." Scale 1:500. (4) Coloured laminated and tracing paper copies, "Proposed Concept Plan for Development." (5) Tracing paper and paper copies of labelled sketch. Scale 1:500. (6) Proposed Development 1994-95 - List of Proposed New Works. (7) Tracing paper and paper copies, Exisiting Ornamental Plants, Drawing No E1 drawn by J.J.W. 1.8.92. Scale 1:100. (8) Proposed Amenities Block at Lot Charman Ave, Emerald 3782 by Belgraphic. Drawn by Rosemarie, Plan No 93 003 tp March 1993. Scale 1:50.