Historical information

1 copy made by A.P. Winzenried as a possible inclusion in, "Green Grows Our Garden." Note by T.H. Kneen16 March 1992, The "Administration Building" referred to frequently in these photographs was the building erected to replace the old Pavilion which housed the School of Primary Agriculture & Horticulture and also the Pasture & Fruit Preserving Branches of the Department of Agriculture. The new building also provided for a future Plant Breeding Branch and some additional facilities such as the Assembly Hall, Library, two additional class rooms." and on 8 April 1992, "The willow, a basket willow, was heavily pollarded annually."

Physical description

3 copies, different sizes. Photograph taken about 1960 showing Administration Building, pond, lawns and garden bed in foreground, student mowing in background.

Inscriptions & markings

On reverse of 2 copies, "Photograph by Information Branch Victorian Department of Agriculture Ref. No. D1099C." On reverse of 1 copy, "from box the Garden/Land." On reverse, "The Main Building at Burnley photo taken winter approx 1960. This building replaced the original building-The Pavilion."