Physical description

Collection of 110 photographs and some negatives, mostly colour. Some ID photographs, some at functions or taking classses. Identified by Ala Shtrauser, Ross Payne, Andrew Smith. Found in James Pearson's former office 2015 by Ross Payne. (1) Peter McSweeney, Kevin Blaze, Ross Payne, Ed Smart, Phil Kenyon, Paula Cave, John Delpratt, Peter May, Ian Winstone. (2) Geoff Olive, Ian Winstone, John Brereton, John Delpratt, Ross Hall. (3) Peter McSweeney, Nick Bailey, Phil Kenyon, Brian Shields, Geoff Olive, Ian Winstone, John Brereton, John Delpratt, Ross Hall, James Hitchmough, David Aldous. (4) Geoff Connelan, Jamie Pearson, Ross Payne, Ed Smart, Peter May, James Hitchmough, Nick Bailey, Ross Hall, Catherine Jaggs. (5) James Will, Bata Thomas. (6) John Delpratt, John Rayner. (7) Phil Mayle, James MacIntyre (student), James Will, Jayne Lindholm. (8,19) David Aldous, Eric Littlejohn. (9) John Rayner. (10) Nick Bailey. (11) Alex Campbell. (12,13) Ala Hires (Shtrauser). (14) Michael Green. (15) Ross Hall, Peter McSweeney, James Hitchmough, Kevin Blaze. (16,44) Brian Shields. (17,18) Kylie Cannon, Karen Geyeregger, Nick Osborne, Jim Pleasance. (20) John Delpratt. (21) Ian Winstone and student working on Student Gardens. (22) Geoff Olive, Ed Smart. (23) Robina Duggan, Michèle Adler. (24) Catherine Jaggs, Peter May. (25,26) Mark MacNamara, Kelvin McKenzie, Ruth Beilin, Ed Smart. (27) Rosemary McConell, Elizabeth Hill. (28) Fred Taylor, Mike Nechwatal. (29) Claire Scott, Nick Bailey, Ross Hall. (30,66) John Brereton. (31) Rosemary McConell, Mark MacNamara. (32) Mike Nechwatel, Bata Thomas, Graham Sterry. (33) Geoff Olive, Phil Tulk. (34) Ed Smart, Ruth Beilin, Ian Winstone. (35) James Will with students. (36,37) Peter McSweeney. (38) Alex Campbell, Jamie Pearson, Ross Payne. (39) Geoff Connellan. (40) Richard Green, Darryl Gibbs. (41) John Rayner, Karen Geyeregger. (442) Ross Payne. (43) Jamie Pearson, Jim Pleasance. (45-49) Claire Scott. (50-54) Ian Winstone. (55) Michelle Dall, Kylie Cannon, James Will, Catherine Jaggs, Nick Bailey, Jamie Pearson, John Brereton, Peter May, Rosemary McConell, Ed Smart, Greg Moore, Ian Winstone, David Aldous, Brian Shields "Sept 1990". (56) Brian Shields, Peter May, Kelvin McKenzie, Fred Taylor, Phil Tulk, Richard Green, Graham Sterry, Ross Payne "Sept 1990". (57,58) James Will, Jill Kellow 1987/88 on Grampians excursion with Associate Diploma students staying in Shearers' quarters. (59,60) James Will, John Delpratt. (61,62) Denise Johnstone. (63-65) Michèle Adler, Ian Winstone, Greg Moore, Jenny Leereveld, Geoff Connellan, Catherine Jaggs, Rod McMillan, Peter Esdale, Peter Sheppard, Nick Bailey, James Hitchmough, Rosemary McConnell, David Aldous, Ruth Beilin, Clive Sorrell, Tony Westmore, Peter May, Ivo Dean, Kevin Blaze, James Will, Ross Hall, Peter McSweeney, Ed Smart, Phil Kenyon, John Delpratt, John Brereton, Geoff Olive, Darryl Gibbs. (67) David Aldous, Greg Moore, Brian Shields, Peter May. (68,69) Preparing Landscape Shed 1990's. (70) Building Quad 6. (71) Leigh Stone. (72) Pruning Day. (73,74) Staff Group , Jim Davis, Principal. (75) Peter Esdale. (76) Tess Hernan. (77) Ruth Beilin. (78) Alex Campbell. (79) Ala Hires (Shtrauser). (80) Karen Geyeregger. (81) Catherine Jaggs. (82) Mark MacNamara. (83) Peter McSweeney. (84) David Aldous. (85) Cassandra McLean. (86) Barry Dimelow. (87) Phil Tulk. (88) Corinne Leadbeatter. (89) Cinnamon Evans. (90) Martin Stevens. (91) Ian Winstone. (92) Tony Westmore. (93) Robyn Middleton. (94) Alan Shanks. (95) Robin Haylett. (96) Mike Wilson. (97) Gail Murphy. (98) Tanuja Ali. (100) Julie Cocksedge. (101) Sheh-Mae Ho,. (102) Kerry Pantzopolous. (103) Michele Dall. (104-107) James Pearson. (108) Ross Payne. (109) Robina Duggan. (110) Meg Probin, Michèle Adler, Graham Sterry. Found in Jamie Pearson's former office 2015.