Historical information

The memorial was erected in c 1936 by the public to the pioneers of Deep Lead District. The memorial was to commemorate the early pioneers of Deep Lead. The bronze tablet depicts two miners at work, one operating the cradle while the other using the shovel. Behind the two men and partly framing the design, is the windlass set in a fork of a tree. On each side of the main tablature are two figures of goats, one a "Billy goat" the other a "nanny goat". The bronze sculpture is set on a pedestal of Grampian freestone, which is placed on the two steps of granite. The whole memorial is surrounded by an ornate stone fence. The bronze sculpture work was executed by Mr. S. J. Hammond of Melbourne while the stone work was carved and erected by Mr. G. Robson, of Stawell. The shire engineer Mr. C.W.C. Venables assisted with advice when necessary.

Physical description

Black and white photograph depicting the stone Deep Lead Pioneer memorial with native gums in the background.