Historical information

Residence Fountainhead Brewery Armstrong's Est. c 1872. The rear view photograph shows a more recent renovated building. Some evidence of demolition to rear of building (servants stairs etc.)
Following notes taken from information in album 9 - "Compare earlier photos and note balcony etc. Later views, This photo early 2003.
Owing to timber decay balcony was removed for safety. Finances permitting complete balcony will be replaced. Twin columns and iron lace are not original.
Early description mentions statues in "niches" beside door. Female statue left is original. White pedestal at left was male stature damaged by a falling tree. Both statues were fountains."
Photographs taken by Mr. Don Richard and held in Album 9b Armstrong’s Area.

Physical description

Two coloured photographs, of a brick double story building. The front view of the building has 4 windows and 2 doors. Two white columns at the entrance with decorative iron work support the roof of the porch with 2 white chairs and a table on top.
Either side of the entrance door are 2 white wall indents "niches" with pot plants.
The second photo show the back view of the two story building with a single story building attached that has a tin roof. A timber fence with a gate shows the side entrance to the single story building.

Inscriptions & markings