Historical information

Two photographs of Australian Rules Football Memorial at Moyston

Physical description

2 Photos of the Memorial to commemorate a Centenary of Australian Rules Football

Inscriptions & markings

This Monument commemorates the Memory to Thomas William Wills (1835 - 1880)

Picture of a man kicking a football black top white Shorts in oval frame

Thomas Wills was the Founding father of Australian Rules football co-founder and Captain of the Melbourne Football Club (1859)
He Was Involved in forming the Geelong Football club (1859) And Was Captain (1860) Playing As Estimated 172 games. He was captain of an early team from Richmond.

He Lived at Lexington Station Moyston While playing as a child with Aboriginal Children in this Area He developed a game which he later utIlised in the Formation of Austrian Football.

This Monument was unvieled by the Australian Football League Historian Colin N. Hutchinson on September 17 1988, And this tribute to the memory of Thomas Wills was made Possible by The generosity of Wsetpac Banking Corporation and Staff

This Monument Commemorates the Memory of Thomas Wentworth Wils (1835 -1880)
a Picture of a Man kicking a football, black long sleeve