Historical information

Two black and white post cards of the Olympic swimming pool in Cato lake c 1950's. The Rose Series P 14901 shows the swimming pool and lake with the swimming pool dominating the photograph. Four flag posts are clearly visible and the pool connected to the edge of the lake.
The Rose Series P 14012 also shows the Olympic pool but more of the lake and boundary. with seating around the lake.
In March 1957 Cato Lake was emptied for construction of the Olympic pool and officially opened on 15.11.1958. Twenty seven years later In January 1985 the pool was found to be leaking and Borough Council in February banned further use of the Olympic pool. Eventually the Olympic pool was demolished in April 1988.

Physical description

Two black & white Rose series post cards of Cato Olympic swimming pool Stawell Vic. c 1950's.
Series P 14901 is nearly a complete view of the Olympic pool with four flag posts in view and trees and buildings in the distance.
Series P 14012 has only a small section of the Olympic pool in the photograph with just 3 flag poles in view. There are 2 concrete and timber seats in the foreground and Cato lake is very still, reflecting the distance trees.

Inscriptions & markings

The Rose Series P 14901 Swimming Pool Stawell Vic. and The Rose Series P 14912 Cato Park and swimming pool Stawell, Vic. Both post cards were Published by Rose Stereograph Co., Armadale, Victoria. The "Rose" series De Luxe.