Historical information

Published by Semco Art Needlework Pty.Ltd> Semco Park Cheltenham Road Black Rock S.9. Farrow Falcon Press Pty. Ltd. 226 Lonsdale Place, Melbourne. For Girls learning embroidery- home/school

Physical description

Semco Embroidery Text Book. White outline around Black cover. Large red circle with girl siting in front doing embroidery wearing Victorian style short puffed sleeved dress polka dot pattern and pantaloons red stockings and lace up ballerina style shoes

Inscriptions & markings

1st Edition Semco Embroidery Text Book 3D Free sampler transfer inside. Booklet contains illustrations and instructions for each stich. Pages 2 and 3 have pencil squiggles across the top.: Stem stitch, Snail Trail, Back Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Thousand Flower Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch, Long and short buttonhole stitch, Chain Stitch Seed Stitch, Arrow stitch, Feather Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, Cross Stitch, French Knots, Lattice Stitch. Illustrations of designs with stiches referred to on previous pages.