Historical information

The Wodonga Sewerage Authority identification tag is part of the collection of objects donated to the Wodonga Historical Society by the North East Region Water Authority in 2001.

In 1983 the Wodonga Waterworks Trust and the Wodonga Sewerage Authority became part of the Wodonga Council. And by 1989 a filtration plant at Huon Hill was completed, which provided filtered water of improved quality to Wodonga, in accordance with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines.

In 1994 the Kiewa Murray Region Water Authority took over the Wodonga Council’s water and wastewater operations, and then in 1999 the Kiewa Murray Region Water Authority combined with the Ovens Region Water Authority and became the North East Region Water Authority or NERWA.
NERWA then became known as North East Water.


The identification tag has local significance due to its use by the Wodonga Sewerage Authority, as well as historic significance as rare example of the equipment used in water management in Wodonga.

Physical description

Rectangular corroded cast iron identification tag with the raised letters '"WSA" on the upper surface.

Inscriptions & markings

"W S A" on upper surface in raised letters.