Historical information

The Wodonga line and train station opened in November 1873 when the section of the line from Wangaratta was completed. The expansion of the railways to the northeast of Victoria occurred after the Victorian Government took over the railways in 1867 and the trains serviced large towns such as Seymour, Wangaratta and Wodonga, as well as smaller towns along the way. The first section of the Wodonga to Tallangatta line opened in 1889 and was further extended in 1891. It was a vital community link until the passenger service closed in September 1961 The last regular goods train on the line ran on 21st April 1978. The north- east train line to Wodonga remained a significant factor in the development of Wodonga as a rural city in the 20th century.


Local significance due to the importance of the railways to Wodonga as a means of transport, communication and impact on business and commerce. State and national significance due to the role played by the railways in opening up the country for development.

Physical description

A bound volume of the Victorian Railways Time Table for 2nd May 1910 to 30th November 1910. Black with gold inscription. The binding is not original but was carried out to preserve the contents

Inscriptions & markings

"Victorian Railways/Time Table/ 2nd May 1910/ 30th November 1910"