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Labor economics.

Section headings:

-Labor economics : Introduction and overview
-The theory of individual labor supply
-Population, participation rates and hours of work
-Labor quality : Investing in human capital
-The demand for labor
-Wage determination and the allocation of labor
-Alternative pay schemes and labor efficiency
-The wage structure
-Mobility, migration and efficiency
-Labor unions and collective bargaining
-The economic impact of unions
-Government and the labor market : Employment expenditures and taxation
-Government and the labor market : Legislation and regulation
-Theories of labor market discrimination
-Women, blacks and the labor market
-Critiques of orthodox wage theory
-The personal distribution of earnings
-Labor productivity : Wages, prices and employment
-Employment and unemployment
-Wages and inflation
-Information sources in labor economics


Workplace relations/labor relations and economics. Authors are from Nebraska, USA writing in 1995.

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Book; paper.

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