Historical information

At the Imperial War Conference in 1917, and again at the conference of overseas Prime Ministers in 1918, King George V had foreshadowed a visit to the Dominions by his eldest son, “when peace comes”. At the end of the War, the King kept his pledge and, following on from successful visits to other countries, including the USA and West Indies in 1919, Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, the Prince of Wales, embarked on a journey to Australia. The visit was in part to offer official thanks for the support Australia had shown Great Britain during World War I. It was also designed to strengthen the links between Australia and the Empire. The Prince of Wales arrived in Australia on board the HMS Renown in April 1920, having left England the previous month. He spent nine days in Victoria, eleven days in New South Wales, four days in Tasmania, eleven days in Western Australia, six days in South Australia and eight days in Queensland. In all, he visited 110 cities and towns across Australia.

Physical description

Metal badge with photo of Prince of Wales