Historical information

The Wodonga Historical Society Haeusler Collection provides invaluable insight into life in late nineteenth and early twentieth century north east Victoria. The collection comprises manuscripts, personal artefacts used by the Haeusler family on their farm in Wodonga, and a set of glass negatives which offer a unique visual snapshot of the domestic and social lives of the Haeusler family and local Wodonga community.

The Haeusler family migrated from Prussia (Germany) to South Australia in the 1840s and 1850s, before purchasing 100 acres of Crown Land made available under the Victorian Lands Act 1862 (also known as ‘Duffy’s Land Act’) in 1866 in what is now Wodonga West. The Haeusler family were one of several German families to migrate from South Australia to Wodonga in the 1860s.

This Bible belonged to Louis Alfred Haeusler, son of Johann Heinrich Ferdinand Haeusler and Ernestine Wilhelmine nee Rogasch. Louis was born in Wodonga, Victoria on 23 December 1898 and died on 2 February 1960. The other 2 volumes belonged to Louis' sister Eleonora Lydia Haeusler (Nellie), born 14 October 1883 and died 25 November 1979. Louis was the father of John Alfred Lyell (Alf) Haeusler who bequeathed this collection to the Wodonga Historical Society.

The Bible was published by Collins' Clear Type Press, a Scottish publishing company founded in 1892.The volume "Church Hymns" was published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, the oldest Anglican missionary organisation which was originally founded in 1698. This copy was published in London C1885. The Hymnal Companion to the Book of Common Prayer (2nd Edition) was published by Sampson Low, Marston and Company of London C1893.


This item is unique and has well documented provenance and a known owner. It forms part of a significant and representative historical collection which reflects the local history of Wodonga. It is representative of the religious traditions adopted by this family in Wodonga.

Physical description

A collection of 3 religious books including a Bible, Hymn book and Hymn Book companion. They have different coloured leather covers.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten inside front cover of Bible: L.A. Haeusler/ Wodonga, Vic.
Handwritten inside front cover of Hymnal Companion: Eleonora L. Haeusler / St. Lukes, Wodonga
Handwritten inside Church Hymns: To Nellie with love from Sister Tilly 20.8.02