Historical information

Designed by C Douglas Richardson, ‘The Peace of 1919’ medalet was issued by the Defence Department to school children throughout Australia to commemorate the signing of the Versailles Peace Treaty in 1919.

Physical description

One side of the medal features a symbolic female figure of Peace, holding a sword and standing on a plinth marked ‘PEACE 1919’. Behind her flies a dove, and at her left and right feet are two figures freed from their shackles. The reverse features a central panel surrounded by laurel leaves, surmounted by the King’s Crown with the word ‘VICTORY’ over the rays of the rising sun. A sailor and a digger stand at ease on either side of the panel on which is cast ‘THE / TRIUMPH / OF / LIBERTY / AND / JUSTICE’. Below the leaves is a very small panel with the words ‘THE PEACE OF 1919’, ‘AUSTRALIA’.