Historical information

Mont Albert was one of a number of local government schools which provided both primary and some secondary education.
The term Central School was quite common in Melbourne from at least the 1920's and was used to refer to a school that went up to year 8 or form 2.
The reference to the C.S.A. Sports probably refers to the Central Schools Association, or perhaps a shortening of C.S.S.A. (Central Schools Sports Association). A later over-arching association was known as the V.P.S.S.A. (Victorian Primary School Sports Association - now School Sport Victoria.)
Mont Albert was frequently mentioned in articles about or results of sporting tournaments, particularly in the Box Hill Reporter.

Physical description

Black and white head and shoulders photo of 10 girls in a uniform of white blouses and a dark tunic. Some are wearing ties. All are wearing head bands.

Inscriptions & markings

Caption below the photo: "OUR SENIOR TEAM AT THE C.S.A. SPORTS (By courtesy of the "Leader")