Historical information

Handed out to patients and visitors to commemorate the visit of her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to Victoria in 1954 and in particular the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital. This brought much excitement to the patients at Heidelberg.


Recognises a significant Royal visit to Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital. Acknowleges the role of the Hospital in the treatment of War Veterans to receive such a visit and World War II had ceased in 1945, only nine years earlier.

Physical description

Blue cardboard folder of 4 sides, with a single fold containing 1 photo and inscription. Photo is of Queen Elizabeth sitting down and Prince Phillip standing to the left of her in front of a fireplace, with commemorative acknowledgement of the visit.

Inscriptions & markings

Page 1 shows the Commonwealth Emblem
with the words "Royal Visit 1954"
inscribed under it.
Page 2 has the inscription " Memento of the Visit of Her Majesty and his Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh to Victoria 24th February, 1954 to 9th March, 1954 presented by the Repatriation Commission" over a crown and the letters EIIR