Historical information

A collection of nursery stories for young children. This book was awarded to Lance Sebire in 1932 for diligent Sunday School attendance.

Physical description

Large hardcover children's nursery book with coloured illustration on the front cover of a small boy and girl in pyjamas and nightie holding toys surrounded by fairies. The title Fireside Tales is in black lettering at the top. The spine has faded title and pubilsher, Shaw. Black and white illustrations throughout with some coloured plates.

Inscriptions & markings

Kindergarten. Methodist Sabbath School Wandin Yallock 32 days. Awarded to Lance Sebire for 1st Prize of Mrs S. Gaudion's Class. W.J. Sebire Supt. A.J Sebire. Ada Gaudion. Sec. 27.3.1932.