Historical information

The Royal Warrant assigning the Armorial Bearings to Victoria was signed on the 6th June, 1910 by King George V. The motto Peace and Prosperity was the first to be in English among the Arms of any Public Authority in Australia. In 1958 the Pink Heath was proclaimed as the floral emblem of Victoria. This led to a request to have it included somewhere in the Armorial Ensigns of the State. The solution was to have the plant shown growing from a grassy mound. On the 28 March 1973 Queen Elizabeth II signed a further Royal Warrant which added the mound.


This shield is the official emblem of the State of Victoria. It can only be displayed in limited place such as Law Courts and Victorian Government offices with permission of the Victorian Government.

Physical description

2 Victorian Coat of Arms from the Victorian State Government offices in Wodonga. The kangaroo at the top holds a crown. The shield also features the Southern Cross. Two female figures represent Peace and Prosperity. The figure on the left wears a laurel wreath crown and carries a sprig of olive in her hand, representing Peace. The other figure wears a crown of golden cereal and holds the horn of cornucopia, representing abundance or Prosperity. The first one is mounted on a wooden, varnished board.

Inscriptions & markings

At the bottom of each shield "'PEACE AND PROSPERITY"