Historical information

The Warrnambool Standard newspaper was started in 1872 by William Fairfax and Henry Laurie. It continues in that context today as a daily newspaper for the Western District. This copy is dated July 1 1905 and covers items of interest and advertisements for current businesses many which continued as household names until the latter part of the 20th Century. These include the following: J Younger, E Battarbee, Beattie and Phillips,Wm Ardlie, H G Wilkinson Cramond & Dickson, F Tozer, Wm Swinton, Bruce & McClure. There are reports covering items of local, national and International news events.


This paper provides a snapshot of history in the given era from a Warrnambool perspective. It shows the wide range of businesses operating at the time 1905 and the general interests of the people.

Physical description

Four pages of newsprint with the mast head of the Warrnambool Standard . the paper is dated Saturday July 1, 1905.

Inscriptions & markings

The Warrnambool Standard with which is incorporated the Warrnambool Examiner, circulating throughout the Western District of Victoria. Price -One Penny. The words printed on a banner run below the masthead groups of cattle horses and sheep and reads "By these we thrive". Advance Australia is similarly written underneath a Coat of Arms.