Physical description

Gelatin silver photograph of the last council meeting held in the Brighton Town Hall prior to the remodelling. Councillors are seated around a large U-shaped council table. They are, anticlockwise starting centre front: Councillors A.R. Horton; A. Giles; J.A. Grant; F.E. Rogers; Elizabeth Bleazby; J.V. Satchwell; G. Woodward, Hallkeper; C.E. Tuxen, City Engineer; J.A. Kennedy, Mayor; J.H. Taylor, Town Hall Clerk; J. Wright, Asst. Town Clerk (extreme right corner); Councillors H.E. Hall; E.M. Young; R.E. Trickey; R. Eustace Tracey; Vacant Chair - Councillor J. Redapple (on leave). On the extreme left are four male press reporters sitting around a small table. On the wall surrounding the meeting are portraits of former mayors including a large photograph of Sir Thomas Bent which is placed behind the Mayor's chair.