Historical information

The school was opened in 1857 and was known as School No. 378, Belvoir. In 1862 the Board of Education took control and called it Belvoir School No. 37, later known as No. 37 Wodonga. In 1938 it was made a Higher Elementary School and in 1954 it reached the status of a High School. The school's motto was "Labora ut Servias", which translates as "Work to Serve”


Wodonga High School has a long history dating back to 1857. It has had several changes of name and provided a variety of levels of education as Wodonga itself grew and community needs changed. It developed from a primary school to become a Higher Elementary School and then a High School. It has since evolved further to become Wodonga Senior Secondary College.

Physical description

A circular metal ashtray with indentations for 4 cigarettes. The ashtray bears the symbol representing the school motto for Wodonga High School

Inscriptions & markings

Around the edge of the circular yellow, red and gold logo "WODONGA HIGH SCHOOL / LABORA UT SERVIAS"