Historical information

The Country Women’s Association of Victoria was formed 12 March 1928 and today has over 5,600 members. Its original aim was to improve conditions by community service, more especially as they affect the welfare of women and children.
The Wodonga CWA branch was formed in 1934 and has been an active group in the community until the present day. The CWA provided gathering opportunities for rural women and quickly became renowned for their street stalls, catering at Agricultural Shows and social events including debutante balls, handicraft classes and cooking demonstrations.
Today they have become even more than that, participating in and organising a wide range of activities and initiatives in the community, always with the focus of service to others.


The CWA is of significance on a local, state and national level as a critical service group. They conduct a range of social, educational and services throughout Australia with an initial focus on the support of rural women and children. This role has evolved over time to incorporate a wide range of initiatives, government advisory bodies and organisations.

Physical description

A wine glass decorated with a gold rim and gold logo of the CWA Victoria produced to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Wodonga Branch

Inscriptions & markings

Above the CWA logo "GOLDEN JUBILEE"
Beneath the logo "WODONGA/1934 - 1984"