Artists statement

Barry Walsh
The Armour
“From the Lives of the Kelly Gang” is a comprehensive series of works.

It captures the very emotion and spirit that evolved during Barry’s sensitive study of the persecution and injustices imposed upon common people by British Authority during the early Australian colonial days.
“The Lives of the Kelly Gang” is the story of four very highly spirited young Australian men who could have been accredited to great things had they not settled on the wrong side of the law. Actions of the four boys surrounding the bank robberies led me to believe they were quite gentlemanly, incredibly cunning and humorous with a high respect for women. But the shootings at Stringy Bark Creek sealed their fate. Relishing in the fact that they had become famous for their pursuits enjoying the notoriety and sharing the money they stole with everybody around them, appearing very carefree and talented, to some extent I found empathy with their plight. Their evangelistic crusade can only be viewed as misguided. However, the story is still relevant to youth today. Guns are beautiful instruments which symbolize authority, but have enormous consequences when emotions rule their control.
As a devout Australian citizen enjoying the fruits of our rich and colourful past, I proudly present “The Armour” as a sample of “From the Lives of the Kelly Gang” as a statement reflecting how far we have come along the road of democratic justice and parliamentary progress.

Physical description

A 5 panel piece depicting the armour worn by the Kelly gang.